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The Pack the Polls Ambassador program is an exciting opportunity to sharpen your presentation skills, get to know others interested in voting advocacy, and encourage peers to participate in the electoral process.

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Applications for fall ambassadors have now closed. Please come back in the future to join our team!

Pack the Polls is a non-partisan voter information and advocacy coalition at NC State University designed to connect and engage with members of the NC State community about voting resources.

Purpose of
Pack the Polls

What are the roles of an Ambassador?

The Pack the Polls Ambassador program is a cohort of motivated students who present, table, and engage with the student body directly about the electoral process. Ambassadors visit classrooms, set up tables in Talley Student Union, and have conversations with members of the NC State community as a form of direct advocacy and information sharing. This experience aims to develop ambassadors into better leaders by sharpening their skills and growing their network.

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Pack the Polls Ambassadors are available to table with resources or present on relevant topics related to voter engagement and education. To help with scheduling, please submit requests no later than 8 a.m. on the Friday preceding your class or event. Click here to submit a request for ambassadors’ presence.

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Questions, Comments, and Concerns

All questions, comments, and concerns regarding Pack the Polls can be sent via our Google Form. For questions related to the Pack the Polls Ambassadors, please email Samantha Sillaman at