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First-Time Voters

Voting is an important way to voice your opinion about decisions made in your community. This election is the best time to get involved, since studies have shown that people who get in the habit of voting earlier in their lives are more likely to maintain that habit long-term. Looking to join that group of civically-minded people? You've come to the right place!

Step One: Register

In order to vote, you need to become a registered voter. This can either be done in advance or at a one-stop early voting site. Click here to see our page about registering and to learn more about the process and deadlines.

Step Two: Decide on Early, Absentee, or Election Day Voting

Voters in North Carolina have three ways to cast their ballots: voting early, submitting an absentee ballot, or voting on Election Day. To decide which option is best for you, find out more about each option here.

Step Three: Find Your Polling Station

During the Early Voting Period or on Election Day, you’ll need to locate your polling station to cast your ballot.

Have Questions?

Have questions or concerns about Pack the Polls, this site, or voting in general? Email us at or submit to our Google Form and we will respond to you as soon as possible!